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Acid Reflux Diet – List Of Foods To Avoid

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Acid reflux or heartburn is too common nowadays because of the kind of foods people take in. Having no time to prepare delicious and healthy meals every day is as too common as acid reflux is.

Instant foods, fast foods and foods that are preserved are usually seen on the table every mealtime for they are the most within rich in such a short period of time. This is the reason why sufferers of acid reflux are increasing in a very fast manner.

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In order to prevent heartburn occurrence, an acid reflux diet with the list of foods to avoid should be followed. Below are the foods acid reflux sufferers should get rid of:

1. Fruits with high acid content

Fruits such as lemon, cranberries, grapefruit, and oranges are to be abandoned in the patient’s acid reflux diet and must belong to the list of foods to avoid. These fruits have high acid contents, which can trigger heartburn. Taking in these fruits will increase the acid level in the stomach.

2. Certain Beverages

Many people love to relax while taking a cup of coffee or tea during their free time or talking with some friends. Well for acid reflux patient, drinking coffee and tea regardless if they are decaffeinated or not, is not advisable. They can increase the acid level in the stomach, thus worsening the acid reflux. Not only coffee and tea but liquor and wine should also not be consumed by those who suffer from acid reflux.

3. Fatty Meat

Burgers have taste that will really make someone crave for it. Though certain types of meat should be avoided, this does not mean an acid reflux sufferer cannot eat hamburgers anymore. They are only advised to avoid ground chuck beef in making it. Other meats like buffalo wings, chicken nuggets and marbled sirloin should not be taken in as well.

These are fatty meats and they stay in the stomach for a longer period of time than fresh foods do. It is important for acid reflux sufferer’s stomach to be unfilled as fast as possible. And to digest these fatty meats, the stomach has to produce more enzymes, therefore increasing acid content as well.

4. Dairy Products

Dairy products are rich in lactose, which augments enzyme production resulting to acid reflux. Ice cream, milk shakes, sour cream and cottage cheese should be evaded. However, one can change to lactose free dairy products, which will prevent the occurrence of acid reflux.

Health is very important that’s why having a healthy diet is recommended for everyone. Acid reflux will worsen if the patient will not follow his or her acid reflux diet and the list of foods to be avoided.

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