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Acid Reflux Disorder – Its Symptoms and Cure

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Acid reflux disorder can be treated properly if we know its symptoms and how to cure it. This usually happens as a result of regurgitation. Regurgitation is the process wherein undigested food in the stomach is pushed upward to the throat passing the esophagus.

The regurgitated liquid will now block the esophagus and eventually cause chest pains known as heartburn. As a result, the linings of the esophagus are inflamed by the acid used in the digestion of food. That same acid is said to be the most damaging substance during regurgitation and this is causing acid reflux or heartburn.

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Symptoms of Acid Reflux

Heartburn is a common symptom of acid reflux disorder. Persons suffering from this disorder may differ in their symptoms and the common symptoms they may share are listed hereunder:

1. A sufferer may experience a burning feeling in the chest. This usually occurs after eating and will last from a few minutes to a number of hours.

2. There is a burning sensation in the throat that will lead to difficulty in swallowing of food.

3. A sour and bitter taste will be experienced in the mouth as the undigested food substance is pushed from the stomach up to the back of the throat.

4. Difficulty in swallowing will occur due to regurgitation.

5. Lastly, constant coughing is evident as the stomach has already gastric contents caused by the acids in regurgitation.

Cure for Acid Reflux Disorder

The safest way to go about its medication is to see a medical doctor once the symptoms are experienced and refrain from administering self medication. However, this is one case where knowledge of first aid will come in very handy if one is experiencing heartburn due to acid reflux.

To cure acid reflux disorder, your doctor will try to eliminate the symptoms by treating the lining of the esophagus and prevent the occurrence of more damages to both the stomach and throat brought about by the regurgitation acid.

Hereunder are the most common treatments:

1. Antacids – will help neutralize the acid in the stomach. They are available over-the-counter even without prescription. It is best to buy only those antacids prescribed by your doctor.

2. Mucosal protective drugs
– They aim to heal the esophagus by protecting its lining. Mucus is the slippery secretion produced by tissues in the human body and used as lubricants in the digestive system.

3. Promotility drugs – These drugs help empty the stomach faster to give more room and concentration in healing the esophagus.

4. Anti-suppressive drugs – The purpose of these drugs is to lessen and control the acid in the stomach.

As a whole, since acid reflux disorder is the accumulation of acid in the stomach, it can be temporarily treated by an antacid. In case the symptoms persist despite taking an antacid, your symptoms may indicate a more serious illness. It would be best to go to the nearest hospital for proper   medical evaluation.

Managing Acid Reflux Disorder

The goal in the treatment of acid reflux should also consider the ways to manage it and prevent its recurrence. Often, this disorder is triggered by certain habits and food intakes common to our lifestyle.

To avoid the recurrence of this illness which may later result to a more complicated case of “erosive esophagitis”, we should take pains in assessing our present lifestyle and implement the necessary changes. The list below provides some of the ways to improve our lifestyle and at the same time improve our health.

• Manage our weight and lose some in the process if necessary.

• Do away with smoking habits.

• Eating smaller meals to refrain from overworking our digestive system

• Sleeping with the head elevated or at a higher level than our torso or body

• Provide at least 3 hours after each meal before lying down

• Avoiding foods and drinks like chocolates, peppermint, alcohol, citrus drinks and tomato-based foods as well as fried or high-fat foods.

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