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Acid Reflux Home Remedies – They May Provide the Best Treatment After All

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Acid reflux home remedies are welcome alternatives in managing your acid reflux disorder while in the process of correcting your diet and lifestyle. One of the reasons why we have to consult our doctor regarding our disorders is to have a professional analysis as to how our body is reacting to medications.

A lack of response to medication may indicate a more complicated disorder needs treatment. In some cases, lack of response to medication may also indicate that the body has been accustomed to the medication and its presence is largely tolerated or simply put, ignored.

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The doctor then will analyze your symptoms further and may prescribe a different or stronger form of medication. It is also possible that the doctor may approve certain acid reflux home remedies that you have considered taking on as your alternative treatment. Knowing some of the popular acid reflux home remedies may help in your quest for an alternative form of treating your acid reflux problems.

Acid Reflux Home Remedies and their Curing Properties

Apple Cider Vinegar – This is the most favored of all the acid reflux home remedies since it is said to also cure acne outbreaks, constipation and aid in weight reduction aside from placating heartburns.

It is said to work effectively since the vinegar state of the apple cider can mimic the functions of the acid in your stomach. This property of the apple cider vinegar allows food to be digested easily while in your stomach.

The recommended manner to take this acid reflux home remedy is to mix one tablespoon apple cider vinegar with water  just before your meal or together with your meal. It is a must that your apple cider vinegar is of the organic variety to ensure that the enzymes are still present.

It is also worth mentioning that aside from apple cider vinegar, other fruits and vegetables such as bananas, apples, figs, pineapple and papaya along with carrots and cabbage can have the same healing effects ideal in controlling acid reflux symptoms. In addition, certain herbs and spices like cinnamon, cardamom, mace, nutmeg, and slippery elm can also help reduce the effects of acid reflux.

Chewing Gum
– As an instant remedy for acid reflux promotes the production of more saliva. Saliva is said to be the body’s natural source of antacid. The excess saliva when swallowed goes back and acts as an antacid by reducing the acid being produced. This may relate to the fact that one of the acid reflux symptoms of mouth dryness may indicate that the body is unable to produce its natural antacid.

Fennel Seeds
- This herb is not only powerful and aromatic but studies show that it contains a compound known as Anehole. This Anehole compound possesses certain properties that can effectively suppress gastrointestinal spasms or the spasms that occur in the stomach.

Anise and Lavender Tea
- This tea concoction is known to have the ability to relieve heartburn symptoms as it reduces the acid in the stomach. Take note that some may suggest a variation of this tea by lacing it with peppermint; this is not recommendable since peppermint is a known aggravator of the acid reflux syndrome.

The doctor may find credence in recommending these acid flux home remedies since stomach acid is the main cause of acid reflux hence its name. The acid is said to upsurge back into the esophagus due to the failure of three functioning parts of the esophagus.

The anti-reflux barrier, the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) and the gastroesophageal valve. Should any of these functioning parts fail, acid will naturally find its way back to the esophagus.

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  • 1 coleen davies // Feb 9, 2010 at 6:17 am

    after trying the medication from my doctor for quite awhile now and my condition not improved i am certainly going to try these home remedies youv’e put on this site, i will let you know how i get on and if i feel any better, im very much believe in homepathic remedies. thanks , mrs coleen davies.

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