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Uses and How to Use

Aciphex Oral or Raberprazole Oral as its generic name, is used for treating acid reflux related stomach and lower esophagus problems. Known as a Proton Pump Inhibitor or PPI, Aciphex works by limiting the acid production of the stomach and in doing so, relieves the symptoms of acid reflux like heartburn, swallowing difficulties, incessant coughs and sleeplessness. Basically, it prevents stomach acid from seriously damaging the digestive system.

For increased efficiency, this drug is prescribed and taken along with antibiotics to help in treating infected ulcers. Breaking the medicine down by crushing, chewing or splitting is discouraged since it may counter the potency of the drug. Should the doctor find it necessary, antacids may be prescribed and ingested along with the drug.

Precautions and Side Effects

Aciphex rarely causes side effects among most users. Occurrence of headaches are rare but may take place. In case of side effects that translate into a worsening condition, immediately notify your doctor.

There are occurrences of some unlikely but very critical side effects like vitamin B-12 deficiency which may require long term treatments. Rare but possible allergic reactions to this drug like rashes, itching, swelling, dizziness and breathing trouble may also happen.

In case you are under medication with other drugs like atanazavir, nelfinavir and warfarin, then inform your doctor as these may cause some serious interactions with Aciphex. Interaction between Aciphex and these drugs can cause a decrease in the potency of the latter. Aciphex limits the acid content of the stomach which is needed by the other drugs in order to be effective.

Drugs like ampicillin, azole anti fungals and iron supplements might also be affected since they likewise require acid to be absorbed in the stomach. Aciphex as a remedial medication can also increase the amount of digoxin that is absorbed into the blood stream.

The term digoxin here refers to a drug used for treating congestive heart failure which includes related symptoms like shortness of breath and wheezing when lying flat on one’s back.

Aciphex is highly favoured because it is said to produce rapid results in a matter of hours, characteristic of H2 blockers. However, this drug or any other PPI drug for that matter is not recommended to be taken on demand to provide immediate relief. It should be taken under professional medical supervision for correct dosage and length of medication.

As a rule, Protein Pump Inhibitors are prescribed for short term use only. Makers of Aciphex declare that Aciphex in particular has not been tested as yet for treatments lasting longer than a year. In addition, they maintain that it is FDA approved for adult use only.

Dosage and Storage

Aciphex follows a schedule of dosage. Avoid taking a double dose in case the preceding dose was missed. It would be wiser to simply skip rather than do an overdose of your medication. However, try to keep a regular schedule for your daily medication, preferably taking it at the same scheduled time daily.

Sharing your medication with others is also prohibited Keep in mind that the dosage amount and length of your treatment for Aciphex is based on your medical condition and your body’s ability to respond to treatment.

Keep Aciphex stored at room temperature of 59-86 degrees F which is the recommended temperature for US made Aciphex; while the Canadian made should be kept at a room temperature of 59-77 degrees F. It should be kept away from moisture, preferably in a cool dark place with very little chances of building up humidity or moisture in the atmosphere.

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