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Diet for Heartburn – Top 5 Heartburn Food Groups to Avoid or Eat in Moderation

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Majority of heartburn symptoms are food related. A sufferer has an advantage if he knows the proper diet for heartburn prevention, especially the top five food groups to avoid or eat in moderation. Otherwise, a person will be prone to certain complications if his indigestion incidents become a regular occurrence.

If you’re the type who couldn’t care less if you are eating salty foods, oily foods, spicy foods, nutty foods, fatty foods, “feel good” foods, and all other assortment of foods that can trigger disorders in your body, then you’re a candidate for heartburn. If you continue to be mindless of what’s going on inside your digestive system, you will soon feel its unpleasant effects.

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Once you feel a little tighter around the chest with some kind of pain it will seem to stab you as it slowly expands in your body. It gradually rises and reaches your throat, neck and jaws making you feel all nauseated and wretched. You feel like lying down but that can make your condition worse.

No, you don’t have to call 911; you’re not having a heart attack if there was nothing wrong with your heart before you started gorging yourself with those foods. You are actually suffering from indigestion or heartburn. Just ask for some antacids, wait for it to take effect and you will soon be passing out gas.

Your eating habits can also result to these episodes. Eating at a rapid pace, wearing tight fitting clothes, and lying flat on your back after a full meal are the trigger factors you should watch out for. More often than not, the symptoms are food related. In fact, if you’re the type who is prone to having indigestion, you should know the most common heartburn inducing foods to avoid.

1. Tangy and very acidic fruits
, including tomatoes; too much acidity especially if taken with an empty stomach can cause gas pains. Tomato and other tomato based food; they may be nutritious for their lycopene content but they are also considered as highly acidic.

2. Garlic and onions or food preparations with too much of these two; onion acid fumes can even make us cry to tears while the smell of garlic’s acid juices can fill up a whole room. That’s how potently acidic these foods are.

3. Spicy foods, loaded with any or all types of pepper, chili and other hot and spicy condiments. Try soaking your finger with natural chili pepper juice and feel how it burns. That’s the same thing it does to the linings of our intestines.

4. Peppermints, chocolates and alcohol; they are “feel good” foods after a hearty meal. They are actually heartburn triggers because they relax the opening of your esophagus and let acid out of your stomach to spread around in your chest.

5. Foods high in fat; fat slows down digestion and creates a pressure on the esophageal sphincter. As a result, acids will push back the foods, causing regurgitation. Juicy rib eye, nuts, avocados, and cheese are only a few examples.

Now if you are actually the type who experiences indigestion problems for almost anything, make a record of the food you just ate, take note of it and include it in your diet for heartburn prevention. Food is glorious, food is divine but food can be dangerous too because this is where all our health troubles begin.

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