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GERD Relief – How to Control and Minimize Your GERD Symptoms

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Before we get into the methods you can use for GERD relief we will first give you a brief overview of what GERD is. GERD is similar to heartburn, with the exception it is not suffered on a rare occasion.

Instead, a person with GERD often experiences heartburn and or regurgitation on a more regular basis, often the symptoms last much longer that regular heartburn and the symptoms are often more intense that regular heartburn.

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If any of this is ringing a bell for you, you should contact your medical care provider for a proper diagnosis.

The most commonly reported symptoms of GERD are:

  • heartburn
  • chest pain or tightening
  • feeling as though there is food lodged in the throat
  • tightness in the throat
  • issues with swallowing
  • frequent sore throat
  • in the mornings it is common to notice your voice is hoarse
  • frequent coughing
  • asthma-like symptoms
  • bad breath

Now that you have a little better of an understanding about GERD symptoms, we will discuss how you can control the discomfort from GERD. There are three methods that can control and minimize the symptoms you are experiencing.

1. Diet. Lose unnecessary weight and eat healthier.

2. Medication.
This can be prescribed or suggested by your medical care provider.

3. Surgery. This is usually a last resort treatment, unless the GERD went untreated and undiagnosed for a length of time.

A healthier diet is going to require you to avoid specific foods that are known to cause the GERD to flare up and become bothersome.

Among the foods you will need to exclude from your diet are those that are high in acidity, tomatoes and tomato based products, fried product, spicy products, caffeine, chocolate, citrus fruits and citrus juices and alcoholic beverages.

You should however, drink more water on a daily basis, avoid eating before bed and increase your exercise. If you are overweight you should begin at least a light exercise regimen to lose some of the weight.

There are many over the counter medications that your doctor can suggest you take. Sometimes it will be necessary for the doctor to prescribe a medication to help relieve the symptoms. However, in either case it is vital that you disclose all medications you are currently taking to your medical care provider.

Some of the GERD relief you will hear about is going to be a trial and error basis. Keep in mind that every case of GERD is different, what works great for you might not work for the next person and vice versa.

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