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Heartburn Home Remedy – 7 Remedies That Work

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Family togetherness is something we often look forward to especially during weekends. Part of our weekly celebration is to have food in abundance. We seem to make up for the quick and easy meals we had to contend with during the busy weekdays.

As we get carried away with all the enthusiasm towards our food, we attack our meals with much speed and gusto. Never mind if its too oily or spicy, or we have already guzzled too many bottles of carbonated drink and alcohol.

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We always have a heartburn home remedy in case occasions like these bring about another round of heartburn attacks. Here are some home remedies you might find useful in case a weekend of celebration turns into another episode of gas pains and indigestion:

1. Ginger: Chew a bit of ginger or boil this and drink as tea.

2. Papaya: Eat a portion of papaya because it contains digestive enzymes that hastens the digestive process, helpful in eliminating heartburn.

3. Potatoes: Place washed potatoes in a blender and drink after juicing. Do not peel the skin and try to add some juice to vary the taste.

4. Water: Consume large amounts of water immediately after the first sign of the symptoms.

5. Chamomile: Drinking chamomile tea to help ease esophageal irritation.

6. Licorice: This is also good in treating stomach and esophagus ulcers aside from heartburn.

7. Aloe Vera: Drink aloe Vera juice since this is good in healing the intestinal tract.

Nevertheless, you should not treat these heartburn attacks lightly, because your indigestion might be more than just an ordinary reflux. Chest pains are caused by acid juices that were spilled out of your stomach.

What caused these gastric acids to spill out of your stomach is an important issue because it may mean that your lower esophageal sphincter is not working properly. If this is the case, then you may have to pay more attention to your diet.

Remember, heartburn or GERD can easily recur and may lead to other esophageal complications. The frequency of stomach acids in your esophagus is liable to cause damage to its linings; unlike the stomach, your esophagus is not strong enough to withstand the burning properties of the acid.

Now if you’re just an occasional heartburn sufferer, you may be eating your food at a very rapid pace especially if you’re eating from an empty stomach. Take time to chew and breakdown your food, in fact, give time for your digestive system to work at a regular speed.

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