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Uses and How to Use

Pepcid otherwise known as Famotidine is used for treating ulcers of the intestinal tract. It can also be used as maintenance drug to prevent intestinal ulcers from returning after treatment.

This drug can also be used for treating stomach and throat problems caused by too much acid or acid reflux.  Pepcid is classified as an H2 histamine blocker as it reduces the amount of acid in the stomach and helps alleviate the symptoms of heartburn and stomach pains.

Lifestyle changes like stress reduction, avoiding cigarette-smoking and diet changes can greatly increase the potency of the medicine. Ask your doctor about any lifestyle changes that you need to know to promote your wellness.

Precautions and Side Effects

If you’re under Pepcin medication, try to avoid this drug if you’re about to perform an activity that requires you to be fully awake or alert, like driving a car. Pepcin is known to cause mind impairment or thinking reactions as possible side effects.

Severe and painful headaches, fuzziness, irregularity in bowel movement may sometimes occur. If these persist though, then you should inform your doctor immediately.

There may be some rare but serious side effects like sudden bleeding, bruising, irregularity of heartbeats, signs of infection, sudden mood changes, persistent nausea, fits of seizures, stomach pains, dark urine or jaundiced skin or eyes. Your doctor should know of any allergic reactions you may experience from this drug.

You may be suffering from other illnesses such as kidney or liver disease, stomach cancer, asthma or other breathing problems, which the doctor has to know. Certain tests may have to be taken to ensure Pepcin safety or adjustment in dosage has to be made.

Your doctor has to monitor you for possible drug interactions so do not start, stop or change your dosage before consulting him first. Inform your doctor about non-prescription drugs like atazanavir or azole anti-fungals as these can cause adverse interactions with Pepcid. Be sure not to take other medicine that contains aspirin like ibuprofen and naproxen. Since this is an H2 blocker, do not take over the counter medicines with H2 content.

Dosage and storage

To use Pepcid, vigorously shake the bottle for 5-10 seconds before taking a dose to ensure the even distribution of the suspension. Carefully use a measuring spoon or special medication spoon to ensure that you get the proper dosage. Do not use household spoons as these may not have the correct measurement. Take this medication orally with or without food.

The dosage may also be based by the doctor on your body weight. Take Pepcid regularly so you can get the most from it. It will be easier to remember if you take it at the same time each day. Never increase the dosage on your own or increase the frequency. Do not stop taking the medication without the doctor’s approval because it might delay the healing of your ulcer.

If you tend to forget about taking a dose, just take each dose everyday at the same time so it will be easier to remember. If in case you miss your daily dose, take it as soon as you remember it. If it’s already near the time of the next scheduled dose, then just wait for the next one instead.

Pepcid should be stored at a room temperature of 77 degrees F. Keep away from sunlight and moisture as this can destroy the drug. Aslo, it is a proper practice to destroy and dispose medicines that are unused for more than 30 days.

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