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Uses and How to Use

Reglan oral otherwise known as Metoclopramide oral as its generic name is used for the treatment and medication of the stomach and intestinal disorders.

This drug is intended only for the short term treatment of heartburn in case all other prescriptions do not work. The use of Reglan for heartburn that occurs after meals especially if persistent can reduce the damage done by acid on the esophagus.

Reglan is used for diabetic patients with gastroparesis disorder or poor emptying of the stomach. The use of Reglan for treating gastroparesis lessens the occurrence of discomfort brought by nausea, vomiting and abdominal fullness.

Reglan is classified as dopamine receptor antagonist which is a medical function that works by emptying the stomach to prod the upper intestines into moving its contents.

Precautions and Side effects

The patient who is under Reglan medication will experience the usual side effects of constant drowsiness, extreme fatigue and severe headache. The less common side effects which can be noted are sleeplessness, dry mouth, difficulty of bowel movements, dizziness and diarrhea.

There is a possibility that you will experience withdrawal symptoms like dizziness, nervousness, and headaches from taking this drug. You should notify your doctor about this and the doctor’s recourse would be to reduce your dosage gradually.

Others who have taken this drug had the rare experience of going through very serious side effects like mental or mood changes. These included tendencies to be suicidal and unexplained depression.

Cases such as these were manifested by decreased sexual ability, feelings of restlessness, stoic facial expression, shuffling walk, drooling, uncontrollable body movements, muscle spasms, debilitation, difficulty in swallowing, unusual nipple discharge, enlarged and tender breasts, unusual swelling, changes in menstrual cycles in women, impaired vision, irregular heartbeat, fainting, increased urination, and even incontinence.

In any case these symptoms become evident, it is important for you to consult your doctor at once. These symptoms are rather serious and considered as fatal nervous system problems as in the case of a neuroleptic malignant syndrome. Watch out for these signs: fever, tense muscles, increased sweating, rapid heartbeat, mood swings, and excessive amounts of urine.

You should also tell your doctor if you experience rashes, itching, swelling, severe dizziness and breathing troubles since Reglan should not be used with other drugs known as pramlintide cabergoline and pergolide. These drugs have adverse interactions with Reglan and if you are currently taking them, inform your doctor before being prescribed  with Reglan.

Other information the doctor has to know is, if you are currently taking prescription or non prescription drugs that can cause drowsiness like antihistamines and anti-seizure drugs. Since Reglan primarily works by emptying the stomach’s contents, the drugs that require stomach absorption may not be absorbed properly.

Dosage and Storage

This medication is taken at least 30 minutes before having your meal and before bedtime. It is usually taken 4 times a day and make sure to set the schedule of your daily dose at the same time everyday. Missing a dose can happen and if it does, it is unwise to double the next scheduled dose.

Simply skip the missed dose especially if it’s almost near the scheduled time for your next medication. This will only result to an overdose which could be highly dangerous.

Avoid using dinner or tablespoons in taking the liquid form of Reglan. Use a measuring spoon to get the exact dose since the dosage given by your doctor is based on your age, liver and kidney condition and your body’s response to the treatment. Reglan is recommended only for short term treatments, hence, it should not be taken for more than 12 weeks.

Store Reglan at an ideal room temperature of 68 to 77 degrees F and away from light and moisture. Storing it inside the bathroom is not advisable since bathrooms have a great degree of humidity and moisture.

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